Goals of the project

The project aim is to develop professional skills and abilities of geographers of Department of Geography, Institute of Geonics in Brno and Ostrava. The primary objective is higher involvement of scientists of the Institute of Geonics into the international scientific community. Means for that goal are individual activities of the project solved.

The primary prerequisite for the involvement of the geographers of Institute of Geonics into international scientific activities is their language, which is not at the sufficient level currently.

Another prerequisite is to improve communication and presentation skills of the employees, which will be achieved by training. Both the above mentioned points will be verified by active performances of the workers during international scientific workshops and conferences where they will present their research results. Between skills of geographers Institute of Geonics, which are not at a sufficient level are also included applications of geographic information systems in their research. These skills will be improved by training course.

An important part of the project is an organization of the invited lectures with foreign experts on human-geographical research, where also public and students of geographical disciplines will be invited.

The last of the objectives of the project is a support of educational activities of the Institute staff in the form of lectures and seminars for students of geographical fields (in collaboration with the University of Ostrava, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development). Supported will be also internships of employees in the geographical departments abroad and purchase of professional literature.